Your knowledge base
made from Google Docs

Create a knowledge base from
your Google Drive & Docs content.

How it Works

Setup a Knowledge Base powered by Google Docs in 3 steps:


Create a folder in Google Drive

Circular creates a folder in your Google Drive. Any Google Docs added to the folder will automatically appear on your own knowledge base.


Use Google Docs to edit your knowledge base

There is no need for another tool. Any new Google Docs or edits will automatically appear on your knowledge base.


View and share

Your collection of Google Docs is now a custom-built knowledge base with its own URL, styling, and branding.

Why use Circular?

Circular is built for teams using Google Docs

Easy & Amazing

Circular is the easiest way to create an amazing knowledge base.

Not Another App

All editing happens in Google Docs. There is no need for another tool.


Any updates in Google Docs are published automatically.

Works with Teams

Circular uses the permissions set in Google Docs and Drive.

Look Like a Pro

Your content looks like a professionally created website with your brand and colors instead of a Google Doc link.

Easy to Navigate

Folders in Google Drive become categories in your Knowledge base.


Finding the right content in Google Drive can be almost impossible. Circular makes it easy to find what you need. (coming soon)

Public or Private

Share your knowledge base with the world with just 1 click. Or share it internally using Google Drive permissions. (coming soon)

Own it

Use your own domain name so your visitors can easily find you. (coming soon)